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How to integrate with website contact forms?

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How to integrate with website contact forms?

I wrote a script previously that would connect to the API and would add a user's email into a specific contact list.  It seems that this script is no longer working, so I would like some help reviewing my script to make sure I am doing it right.


It's only about 10 lines long.  Is there anyone who could help me troubleshoot my script?  To be clear, I am not using the "Grow my contact list" option to generate a link to a contact form.  I am trying to integrate CC into an existing contact form on my website using a PHP script and API access.


Hey Melanie,


I would be glad to help you out, please post your script and we can take a look at it.  Just remember to remove your username and password.  If you can tell me what error that is coming back that would help too.

Ryan Davis
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