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How to retrieve a list of ARCHIVED items via the API?


How to retrieve a list of ARCHIVED items via the API?

I would like to retrieve a list of Archived emails via the API, so that i can list them on my website and automate them via API.  Can you please suggest ASAP on how to do this?



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Here's something else to noodle on.


Another very simple approach to this would be to encase your current CTCT archive page into an iFrame on your site.

The default size of that page is pretty narrow and would allow a great deal of flexibility.


Hey Jon,


You can get the URL for the archive page but that is about it.  The Iframe is the best work-around for what you are trying to do.  Other than that you have to do a GET for all of your campaigns and take each campaign ID specifically and check for the archive URL.  This method takes a bit of code and doesent give you any extra functionality than the Iframe on the web-site. 


I hope this helps,

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