How to update an existing contactList email address


How to update an existing contactList email address

Hi ,


    I want to update an email address of an existing contact list.But I am getting below exception message while trying.



"error_key": "json.field.invalid",
"error_message": "#/email: Property was found but is not permitted at this location."


 My Request as below:



"name": "General Interest",
"status": "ACTIVE",



 Kindly suggest me how to update an exsiting contactList email. I am new to this API.






Based on what you've provided, it looks like the issue is that you're trying to update the Contact List, rather than the Contacts that are members of the List. You can read more about how to update contacts here:


If you're looking to simply add new contacts to a list, then I would advise reading the Creating a Contact section of the article linked above. If you have any questions for me, please let me know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer

Hi Elijah,


Thank you for reply.But can you tell me is there any way to update the email id of contactList not conatct. Can you please suggest me how we can update it. It will be very helpful for me.



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