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I Need A Custom Designed Contact Form


I Need A Custom Designed Contact Form

I just spoke with a CC rep about what I'm wanting for my website and he suggested coming here to talk with a developer about it.


I'm wanting a contact form that immediately moves to the center of my website when someone gets to it with my url address. The form sits there while someone fills it out. The rest of the website gets a darker film over it, so it appears to fade into the background. Once the contact form is filled out it disappears. I understand that AWeber has a form as I'm describing, but since I already have all my info with CC, I'd prefer to stay here, rather than move.


Can you help me with what I'm wanting?




What you are looking to accomplish is definitely possible to do, however, we here at Constant Contact don't currently offer development services to build a custom form like this. However, there are some developers who do browse our forums and it is very possible that one of them may be able and interested in your project!


In addition, we do have some partners that offer software development services and you may be able to hire them to create a form for you as well. You can find a listing of those partners here.


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