I Need a PayPal to CC script


I Need a PayPal to CC script

I'm looking for something that works with the cc api that allows a customer to first make an online purchase through paypal and then auto-add the contact's name, email, phone to a cc list, then send the cc autoresponder with a link to the pdf or audio file. If you have something produced for that, let me know how much the charge would be for you to set that up for me.




We don't have anything like that set up on our side, sorry.  I'm not sure if paypal will allow you to add code to their webpage so that happens, but if not, you will need to find out if paypal has an API that can notify you when a transaction takes place, and then you can develop the subsequent code to add the contact to your lists.  That side of it (once you have the desired information from paypal) is fairly simple.  Adding a new contact to your account through our API is the most common integration point here, and we can provide you with some sample code to do so.


You can look for developers here in our marketplace.


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PayPal does offer an API through their IPN service.  Instant Payment Notification service.


When a buyer completes a transaction it sends the details to the url that is in the IPN setting.


It notifies if it was successful,failed, on hold.


For payment profiles it also sends messages for each payment received,skipped, and etc.



Aweber offers what we are looking for here:




Would like to have a solution like that for Constant contact.


I have asked on stackoverflow.com on how to do this.


Link below:





Before getting started on working on this myself wondering if anyone have came up with the solution for this yet?


Or interesting in coming up or working with to get the solution?


Also I want to do this in asp.net 4.5 using c#


Would it be best to do this with C# instead of an API?



Have PayPal send notication to code behind webpage  notifiey.aspx.cs


Then have the C# code for adding contacts be fired up from there? and then fire up the autoresponders?


Which method would be best?


API or C#





Brian Davis



Your solution sounds good.  You will be using our API to create the new contact, whether you use C# or some other language to send the request to our API.  We have a .net sdk and sample script that shows how to add or update a contact.  If you try to add (create) an email address that was already in the account at some point, you will receive a 409, so those contacts should be updated.  The script does handle that appropriately by doing a search, and then adding or updating the contact as needed.


Your solution is good, if the webpage is up & on a machine that is never (or rarely) down.  You could also run a cron script, querying paypal for new transactions each day to get email addresses of purchasers, and then sending the contacts to us (perhaps each night).


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