I can not add same e-mail again

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I can not add same e-mail again


We are using web-based php api and add a contact to a list with web form .. After that we deleted the contact from the list.. For example we added test@test.com and after that delete test@test.com... But when we try to add test@test.com with api again we get this error.. In list there is no test@test.com but the we can not add the mail again with using the api ...

Here is the error :

This contact already exists. Click Here to edit the contact details.

Deleting a contact will place them on a system "Do Not Mail' list, where we store all opted out contacts for your account. You can get a list of all the contacts that exist on that list by performing an http get on https://api.constantcontact.com/ws/customers/{user-name}/lists/do-not-mail. If you are looking to opt this contact back in, you would need to update them using the "ACTION_BY_CONTACT" OptInSource and specify which lists you wish to have them opted back into. You can find more information on this process at Opting in a Subscriber.

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