I can't update Scheduling and Sending campaign


I can't update Scheduling and Sending campaign



I have permission on scheduling and sending campaign. Use API to update scheduling and sending campaign. but not update the scheduletime.


I have email campaign, If anyone subscribe to add contact to constantcontact contact list and send email. I want to know how to send email form theri server using API in custome code.


any one help me.




Hey Amika,


At this time we currently do not allow transactional emails to be sent via our API.  Our service is set up to send one email to many people at a time and is not capable of sending one email to one person at a time.  You can use the Welcome email from with inside of the account which youc an get some help with via our Phone support at 1-866-289-2101.


Please let me know if you need any more help.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer
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