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IP*Works! SSL V9 ActiveX/COM/ASP Edition

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IP*Works! SSL V9 ActiveX/COM/ASP Edition

Has anyone been able to use this program to access Constant Contact? I've been able to use the demo program that comes with it to a point. I can get it to open a webbrowser and ask for the user name and password and to the point of allowing my program to be used but it goes no further once I click on allow. it's like the browser never gets back to the program. I've used http://localhost as the redirect uri since not sure what I should in this since it's a vb6 form that I'm working from. Other things that I don't know if it's because this is a generic Oauth 2.0 routines, their demo may have issues, or my not knowing what to put where on the demo or if there are special things that Constant Contact requires that makes this unusable. Any help would be appreciated. 


Also they use the term "Authorization Scope" but not sure what this is I've been leaving it blank.

I've also contacted IPworks to see if they are able to help me, but as always any and all help is appreciated. 


If anyone has used this activeX at all please let me know, or even if you used the Dot Net control they have I don't have any any problem with doing a wrapper for the vb6 application I support.






IPWorks probably can give a little more guidance on what's going wrong here, but here is a link to an example of how to implement OAuth2.  There are instructions on the main page about setting the redirect URI's, which, in my personal code, I just made the same as the return and verification URI's -- my personal one was set to http://localhost/Oauth2/answer.php, for example.  


IPWorks' setup may be different though.  Here is a link to the general OAuth2 flow.  The redirect URI has to be the same throughout the process, but the returnURI (used at the very end of the process, after the user has generated an access token, can be different (in our system), and can return the end user to a different website.


We don't have anything unique on our side that should be causing problems, but feel free to have IPWorks contact us on the forums or email webservices@constantcontact.com if they are encountering difficulties with the OAuth2 flow (generating access tokens) for Constant Contact users.


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