Implement "Searching for Contacts by Last Updated Date" using .NET wrapper


Implement "Searching for Contacts by Last Updated Date" using .NET wrapper

Is there the ability using the .NET wrapper to search for contacts by last updated date?  The Utility functions don't seem to provide a mechanism.  When you retrieve all the contacts using GetContactCollection the LastUpdateTime field is not populated and you then have to retrieve the details for each contact to get the LastUpdateTime.  I am looking for an efficient means to retrieve only recently updated contacts in order to synchronize those updates with the local database.



Unfortunately our C# wrapper does not have the functionality currently built in to run the search for last updated date.  However, this functionality is built into our API, and I am going to see if this can be added to the wrapper, as a search by email address is already implemented.

If you would like to utilize the API function for searching by last updated date, we have documentation on the API call here.  It is very similiar to the search by email, but instead of passing email address strings, you would pass ?updatedsince={date}&listid={numeric-list-id} to the contacts URI, as an HTTP GET call.

If you have any questions please let me know.


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