Implied vs Express Consent using API

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Implied vs Express Consent using API

I collect emails using my web form.

I want to send new contacts to Constant Contact in real time, or update contacts as needed in real time.


I am using the PHP API.


How can I set the implied vs express permissions setting when I create a new contact, an how can I change the setting from implied to express when needed? I can't seem to figure out which field stores this information.


Thanks in advance for the help.




A contact's consent can only be set at the time when the contact is first created. After it has been set, it can only be changed by sending the contact a confirmation as discussed here:


In terms of setting it on contact creation, it is detemined by the action_by parameter that can be used when creating a contact. If it is ACTION_BY_OWNER, then permission will be implied. If it is ACTION_BY_VISITOR, then permission with be explicit. You can read more about this parameter here:


Please let me know if you have any questions!



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