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Incorrect URL Error


Incorrect URL Error


I am trying to edit a template at the given link https://ui.constantcontact.com/rnavmap/emcf/email/create however every time I make a small change even in the text and try to submit it, it gives me the error "your changes cannot be saved. Block contains an invalid URL" even when i havent entered any URL.


Your assistance in the above matter would be appreciated.


Have you ever got a response on this? I am having same issue

Hi @ImtiazM,


While this issue is not related to our API I can try to give some information, but your best option would be to call in to our support department if the issue persists.


Generally that error will occur when you are trying to create a link to a website and the URL that is being used is invalid. An example would be a URL that is missing the .com/.net/etc. at the end, or if you are editing the HTML code of an email the HTML may not be formatted correctly.

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