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Inject RSS into the email via API?

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Inject RSS into the email via API?

I'm wondering if under 1 campaign, we can embedd an RSS feed as the content?  You see, each email will have highly personalized and dynamic content (based on our website), so each consumer gets a specific email w/ just their specific content.  


Ideally we create an email from an RSS feed all under 1 campaign, however in ConstantContact it looks like we have to create a separate list/campaign per user and would lose out on aggregate reporting.


Has anyone done this or have any solutions we could work on?



Hey Jorge,


i suppose you could do this but you would have to have something developed using our API in order for it to automate.  What you want to do is have a request to gather the XML from the feed.  Parse it and place it into a String.  Take that string and pass it into a POST statement to create a new campaign where the <EmailContent> node would have the string of your RSS feed. ( You would need to have a nested table / div to hold your content ). 


Please let me know if this helps. 

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer

Ryan's suggestion is how you could turn the content of an RSS feed into a single static email going out to your List(s).  If you are looking to do dynamic content for each Contact, which I believe from our phone conversation earlier today is what you're looking to do, we do not have any option for supporting this much dynamic content at this time.  You would have to use either multiple campaigns to lists of a single Contact or reduce the amount of dynamic content to a few links and text fields.  The first option is actually not recommended as the account lists and reporting data will become virtually useless for you once you get too many emails/lists.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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