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Inserting email as Work/Home/Other via API

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Inserting email as Work/Home/Other via API

In the recent conversion (3 weeks ago?) to having three email addresses for a contact, all of our contact's emails were put into the Other bucket.


However it seems the API automatically inserts it into the Work bucket.  Now all of our existing contacts are out of sync with new signups for when we try to get their email address out of the contact.


The API documentation doesn't appart to be updated to indicate that you can specify which bucket the email goes into.  Please advise how to do this with the API..


Hi Brad,


This is a limitation with the API.  You indeed cannot set which 'type' of email address (work, home, other) an email address is put into.


Unfortunately I don't have a workaround to get the contacts' email addresses into the same 'type' other than going into the account and changing each email address.


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