Integration with a custom CRM


Integration with a custom CRM

Our goal is to keep our contacts stored in our custom CMS in sync with Constant Contact (CC) list. We have around 10 contact lists on CC and we display them in our CMS for each of our contacts with a check box for each option. We used to store each contact's subscription list in our database along with CC but that broke the sync as some contacts unsubscribe from the list and we still show them as subscribed on our database.
Our structure is similar to the following example:
Company A:
   Contact A: List A (Y)
                    List B (N)
                    List C (Y)
   Contact B: List A (N)
                    List B (N)

                    List C (Y)

Company B:
   Contact C: List A (Y)
                    List B (N)
                    List C (Y)
   Contact D: List A (N)
                    List B (N)

                    List C (Y)

What we want to do is get subscription information of our contacts all at once using their emails. For example:
We would like to know if there is a possible method to call GetContacts with multiple emails as an array or comma separated? That will help us to display subscription list of each contact without storing a static data on our database and have all synced up.
Even if this is not possible, it would be great to know if there are any other methods that can help us to have our list completely in sync with CC all the time without hitting the API query limitations.

Hello @RdlS,


There are two ways to see what contacts are on what lists.


The first way sounds like you are already using this method and that is to do a GET on the individual email address and read the list array to see which lists are present.


The second option would be to check the list itself and see what contacts are present.


Depending on your database setup they could both have pros and cons. If you find that you are using the most efficient method for your setup and you are running in to your daily limit please email with some details about your situation and we can go over some options for you.

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