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Is Anyone Using ConstantContact for Email Support?

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Is Anyone Using ConstantContact for Email Support?

My client has signed up with to offer rewards to people who join its membership services program. The email template we create has four placeholder graphics in it. When the recipient opens the email, the appropriate graphics (based on the recipient's Zip) replaces the placeholder in the email. Each of these graphics is associated with an offer URL.

I cannot see that this is possible with ConstantContact but I can't believe that with the popularity of both it and of, someone hasn't already done this and can offer us some tips for how to accomplish this task. We're on a tight deadline, so any help is appreciated and we are willing to pay a consulting fee if necessary.

I believe what you are

I believe what you are looking to do is use personal information about the customer to generate a dynamic image URL for each customer. You can certainly use both Dynamic links in all of our templates in combination with submitting those links in a customer field to create this effect in our email templates. You can do this in our Autoresponders to be automatically sent to new customers or in regular email templates to be scheduled at your will. Hope this helps!
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact