Is It Possible to Determine User Location By E-mail Alone?


Is It Possible to Determine User Location By E-mail Alone?

The title pretty much says it all.  For the most part, our ConstantContact contact database only has First Name, Last Name, and e-mail address data.  Is there a way to determine, even with rough approximation, what state the recipient lives in?  Most threads regarding this subject say to export the distribution list to Excel or something and filter by location.  That is the simple and most obvious solution, but this option is not open to us, as we do not have that data in most of our distribution list.


My guess is it is not possible or at the very least not easy, but any insight on this would be appreciated.


Thanks for any reply.




Currently we don't have any features built into the product to tell you where, geographically, somebody opened emails.  I'm not sure how accurate or complete the final feature would be, since I don't think webmail clients (yahoo, gmail, etc) pass on information about what IP address 'opened' the email, but I will pass this on as feedback to our email team!


This is a good thing for us to think about moving forward, since it might be more of a possiblity with users who read their emails from a smartphone.


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