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Is it possible to stop automated emails that come from Constant Contact when using the API?


Is it possible to stop automated emails that come from Constant Contact when using the API?

We have French clients that need a complete French experience. We have used the API to customize and host all of the web pages from Constant Contact so that they can be completely in French. We also send the Forward Email from our system so the experience can be completely in French. However, we are struggling with the Update Profile Email as we cannot find out how to stop Constant Contact to send it so that we can send our own.

Is it possible to stop the Update Profile email that comes from Constant Contact?




I see the difficulty you are facing here, but our systems currently do not provide for a simple solution.


If using standard JMML forms from Constant Contact accounts, there is no way to turn off the update profile email that will go out if someone already on an account's list goes to sign up again.  It would be possible, however to set up your own sign-up form generator that creates forms which post data to your own server where your program PUT's the contact information to your customer's accounts as ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER. Requests made as ACTION_BY_CONTACT would result in the update profile email being sent, while this ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER type would not. 


This solution would obviously require some development, as you would also need to store unique identifiers for the owner of each signup form, so your programs would know which accounts to update based on parameters posted with the signup forms. At this time, this approach would be the only possible solution, as the JMML forms generated through the Grow My Mailing List systems in our accounts will always result in our Update Profile email going out to repeat sign-ups.


In addition to the above, and depending on how footers are generated for your customers, it is possible in each Constant Contact account also to turn off the "update profile" link that appears in the footer from the My Settings tab in each account. 


I hope this information is helpful to you.



Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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