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Is this automation possible with the API?


Is this automation possible with the API?

I am currently working on replacing a loyalty program with our own custom built system.  I would like to use my CC account to handle the e-mail automation, but before I dive into learning the API and programming I want to make sure what I need to do is possible.


I need to automatically send e-mails with specific templates when customers reach certain point thresholds, and when their birthday is n number of days away. 


What I'm picturing is having our backend do all of the computation each night at about 2:00am and figure out what people get what e-mails.  It would then talk to the API, create lists for that night, and schedule the e-mails to be sent to customers with a specific template (e.g. 'birthday', or '150pointreward').


Is this possible to do using the API?


Sent a PM :)  But yes, this is something you can most definitely do with our API as long as you are tracking the data (birthdays, points, etc) on your end.  



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