Is this possible with CSS?


Is this possible with CSS?

See the newsletter archive here:


Is acheiving the design of these newsletters by using CSS and HTML Possible ? 


Currently we create in Adobe Illustrator, Slice it into images, and upload the slices for the newsletter. 


I feel like there may be a better way....


Any help ? 




I don't see anything in that newsletter's layout that would be too challenging to reproduce with html/css  You could actually check with our custom services team to recreate the layout in one of our email templates, or hire someone on your own to build the html/css for you.  We generally recommend the use of tables, since many email clients have trouble with css-intensive layouts.


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Shannon W.

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I have contacted them in the past about this and they indicated that the rounded edges of the borders would be difficult. Is that still the case do you think ? 


Yes, rounded corners are a bit of a challenge, but could most likely be achieved with tables and images if you built your own html email.  Custom services is certainly the best one to consult with on whether or not we could achieve the look.


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Shannon W.

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I think rounded corners are now possible using css3.  The question is whether this is possible at constant contact. 



Rounded corners are definitely possible through CSS 3.0, however there are a number of email clients (Outlook 2007/2010 for example) that do not have any support for CSS3, and would not display properly with an email that used CSS 3.0+ to create rounded corners. Because of limitations around supporting various mail clients, it is often best to use basic structures such as tables and image borders to accomplish rounded corners.


Please let me know if you have any questions!



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