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Issue on the Constant Contact for list counter increases above 15.

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Issue on the Constant Contact for list counter increases above 15.

when in constant contact account list number increases more than 15 it gives the error.

Attached file shows the error message.

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Error is - 

HTTP Status 403 - Not Allowed to access Mirazon



Fatal Error: Call to a member function xpath() on a no-object in /home/{hostingname}/public_html/administrator/componenents/{extension name}/view/campaign/wrapper/Components.php on line 1429.


So this will be helpful for the support team to recognize the error?

A 403 error is returned when the resource you are attempting to access does not belong to the account you are authenticating with.  This would indicate that you are doing a request, such as a GET, but not supplying a valid URI or a URI to a resource you don't have access to in the request.



It looks like you are using our old V1 API through the old PHP wrapper library (https://github.com/constantcontact/ctct_php_library/blob/master/Components.php).  Any chance you could provide the code you are using to make these requests?  The exception is occuring when we're parsing the XML for the next link which is likely to fail if you are not getting XML to parse (which a 403 error would cause).  If you don't feel comfortable posting your code here, please email our support staff at webservices@constantcontact.com

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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