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Issue using Utility.UpdateEmailCampaign

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Issue using Utility.UpdateEmailCampaign

I created a campaign with no problems but when I try and update an existing campaign then I get a 409 error until I change the name.  The problem is that it doesn't update the existing campaign it just creates a new campaign.

Can someone please look at the issue for me?


Thanks in advance


On a another note I noticed I can delete a campaign but since it goes in the trash it is not truly deleted so when I try

to create another one with the same name I run into an error saying that the campaign already exists.  Is there a way to completely delete the campaign?




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Hey Stacy,


I'm not expert but it might be because you are doing a POST to update your campaign rather than a PUT.


POST will try to create a campaign, and will give you an error if duplication occurs.  PUT will update it.


Check this out it might help (If you haven't already)



Here's what the error code means:

409ConflictThere is a problem with the action you are trying to perform. Commonly, you are trying to "Create" (POST) a resource which already exists such as a Contact List or Email Address that already exists. In general, if a resource already exists, an application can "Update" the resource with a "PUT" request for that resource.



As for deletion, I'm not too sure (I'm not a CTCT employee).





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I appreciate your information but I am using the C# APIs so I would assume that if it updates it is using PUT instead of POST.  I will have to look into their source code to verify.  Hopefully someone who knows the C# APIs can answer that question for me.

Hi Stacy,


I'm fairly sure it isn't an issue with the wrapper, as I can successfully update an email campaign without changing its name.  Are you making a call to the GetEmailCampaign method and supplying the campaign ID?  Below is an example of how I update email campaigns with the .NET wrapper, in VB.


        Dim emailCampaign = Utility.GetEmailCampaignById(authData, "1112332746139")
        emailCampaign.EmailContentFormat = "HTML"
        emailCampaign.Content = "<html><title></title><body>test_02052013</body></html>"
        emailCampaign.TextContent = "<html><title></title><body>test</body></html>"
        emailCampaign.ContactLists = New System.Collections.Generic.List(Of ConstantContactBO.ContactList)
        emailCampaign.ContactLists.Add(New ConstantContactBO.ContactList("1"))
        ConstantContactUtility.Utility.UpdateEmailCampaign(authData, emailCampaign)


With regard to deleting a campaign, sorry, but there is no way to completely delete a campaign record.  It would have to be renamed, then moved to the trash to use the same name.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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Apparently the issue is that if you do too much updating then it causes issues.

I was updating Organization, Greeting, ForwardLink, SubscribeLink along with the name of the Campaign.

Now that I am only updating certain things it seems to work now.



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