Issues Converting ResultSet to Java Object


Issues Converting ResultSet to Java Object



I am calling the API to return a list of Contacts.I can successfully get the list back, however I am having trouble coverting the elements of the List to a Contact Object in Java. The internal elements of the list are LinkedHashMap.


ResultSet<Contact> rsContact = restTemplate.getForObject("<API_KEY&access_token="<toke...>", ResultSet.class);


The LinkedHashMap cannot be converted to a Contact object directly, so I tried using an ObjectMapper for the conversion. this threw an exception, indicating there was a field named "field" in the CustomField object that could not be mapped.


ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();

List<Contact> pojos = mapper.convertValue(list, new TypeReference<List<Contact>>() { });//[conversion of Linkedhashmap][1]


I then tried to map by calling a method on the Component object. Again, the list elements returned are LinkedHashMaps, not a Contact object.


List<Contact> lstContacts = Component.listFromJSON(strContactJSON, Contact.class);

Contact cccc = lstContacts.get(0);


If you decompose the LinkedHashMap, the Contact data is there, but I just cannot get it mapped to a Contact object.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you want to reply directly, please use email ==> 




Dave Crout



Hello @Justice_and_Peace. I see that you already posted this same question in our Developer board. They are best suited to help you there with any API questions that you have. We will reach out to that team so you are sure to get a reply. 

Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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