Java Script - is it needed for EventSpot registration?


Java Script - is it needed for EventSpot registration?

If someone disables Java Script (as is being strongly recommended by national media), will he/she then not be able to use the registration or any of the other features of Email Marketing or EventSpot? 


Of prime concern is the registration page for an upcoming event. I’d rather know so that I can create a workaround, than take a chance at losing information and frustrating potential customers. 



Thanks for posting in the Community! If a user disables JavaScript in their individual browsers the overlay windows that are part of the functionality for uploading contacts, inserting images and other pieces of the creation process. Any overlay's require JavaScript to function correctly. 


The registration page does not open as an overlay but instead looks like a webpage so this should not be an issue for a registrant or creator. 


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It is worth mentioning that JavaScript is commonly used to make most website, web applications and registration forms function at all.  The entire Constant Contact UI is built around JavaScript and none of our products will correctly work without having it fully enabled.  The EventSpot registration page, as Hannah mentioned, does not rely heavily on JavaScript for a normal event.  If you take payments for your event, your registrants will need to enable JavaScript to complete the payment process.


JavaScript itself does not cause any major security issues in browsers.  It is commonly used on virtually every website in the world today.  There are also many safeguards built directly into browsers to prevent anyone from doing anything malicious, such as sending information you enter into one website into a different website (commonly referred to as Cross Site Scripting).  I'm not familiar with any recommendations from any experts or media outlets that would advise disabling JavaScript completely for browsing as that would basically stop almost all websites from working.  If you have a specific concern that about security or JavaScript in our EventSpot product, please feel free to bring them up and we'll have an expert from that team look into them.

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