Keeping Constant Contact Pages Transparent on My Website


Keeping Constant Contact Pages Transparent on My Website

Currently, at my website, when a client clicks "submit" to send his email address and "authorization" to be added to one of my Email Lists, he leaves my website and is routed to a Constant Contact page where he then indicates his List choices and then clicks Join. When I subscribed to Constant Contact, I did not intend that:


1. My client would ever "leave" my website and then be routed to a separate Constant Contact web page,

2. My client would send any information except through my websites' SSL.


Please advise whether I have an option through Constant Contact API to accomplish the two items I have listed above.


Thank you.


Our default signup form (Join My Mailing List) is both non-SSL and has the popup window that you noticed.  Neither of these features can be changed in the standard form.  If you have web development expertise, you would be able to use our API to create your own custom signup form that could be both AJAX style (same page, JavaScript controlled flow) and secure (hosted from your own secure web server). 


We offer a PHP version of this that you can install and customize called CCFSG, which can be found here.  Any other language, you'd need to an SDK or our raw API features to accomplish this. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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