Large ADD_CONTACTS fails with 400: No activityType specified


Large ADD_CONTACTS fails with 400: No activityType specified

 When I try to create an ADD_CONTACTS activity with a large (15-25k contacts) data set, I get an error saying no activityType specified.  The activitityType is right there at the very beginning.  This same code works perfectly when I only have 1000 or 5000 contacts in the data.  The API doesn't mention a length limit to the activity, but I was wondering if maybe there is one.  The smallest length of a request that I had fail on me was 2273571 bytes (about 2 megs).  Requests of sizes 1052793 and 1222877 work fine.

The workaround I'm using, is just that.  I am batching my batch request.  This seems a little ridiculous to me, but at this point nothing surprises me about this API. 

So is there some limit that I'm hitting?  If so, can you please add that to the API docs for other people, or even better, fix it.  Thank you 



I apologize for any inconvenience this is causing you. There is a limit to all of our bulk uploading in the system. It is 20,000 contacts. Anything 20,000 and under should import without an issue. If you continue to have issues uploading contacts under 20,000, please let me know and we should look into this further to see if there is a different issue.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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