Link tag in CustomText field uses class defined in CSS -


Link tag in CustomText field uses class defined in CSS -

I have a dynamic link that we insert into the CustomText field slots (each link is subscriber specific) and all has been well with this until now (because we've been sending out plain looking emails).  


The custom field contains something like this ...

<a href="">Link</a>


We're now using a nicely designed email that contains a 'fancy' button and this link has to be attached to the button. My thought was to do something simple like this and then fill out the proper CSS in the Advanced Editor section... (there's a lot of style info and we don't have enough free custom slots left to do it inline)

<a href="" class="myclass">Link</a>

Unfortunately the CSS is not being applied to the custom link and my nice looking formatted emails end up looking horrible (with plain boring text links). I've also tried to simply include <style> tags with the CSS therein in the XHTML editor to no avail...


I don't understand why this simple and seemingly logical idea isn't working.


Obviously we're inserting the links like this...

Dear Customer,<BR/>
Here is your custom link: <Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1"/><BR/>
Have a nice day!

or (for longer links)

Dear Customer,<BR/>
Here is your custom link: <Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText2"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText3"/><BR/>
Have a nice day!

 As I said - we don't have enough room left in the custom field section to do add all the style info we need to add to it. Don't even understand why we're forced to do it this way in the first place =Z





I apologize for the current limitations; I do understand your frustration.  I have passed on feedback repeatedly in hopes that we will improve the custom link process, but for now, I can only offer workarounds.  You could use fields besides custom fields for this.  The "Note" field in particular can contain 500 characters.  See the bottom of this page for the customer information you could pull into the email to make this work.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

Thanks Shannon, 


I'm sure we're not the average ConstantContacters here - hopefully we're at least helping to make CC even more amazing.


It seems like we tried the note field in the past and had some issue with it but I could be mistaken, we've come up with another work around in the mean time, but that Note field will come in handy later if it does in fact give the same level of input/output control as the custom fields.






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