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Link to webpage version in Custom HTML editor?


Link to webpage version in Custom HTML editor?

I'm desiging a newsletter and I would like to include web pageversion link.

However, besides the "email header" option, I haven't found info on how to code this.
The reason why I don't want to use "header" option is because I'd like to put this link on specific place I chose and design it properly (not having white background etc).


Anyone knows what kind of variable or tag do I use in the advanced editor to make a link to the web version?






Sorry, but we don't have functionality to do what you are asking for.  Our webpage version links are created dynamically to be specific to each email recipient who receives your email, so that we can provide tracking data to you.  We don't have a way to use a webpage generated outside our system to create those webpage version links for.


The best way to do what you want to do would be to create your webpage version and host it, omit our webpage version in the header information (just uncheck the box), and the provide a text link to your webpage version near the top of your email.  Keep in mind that you won't have reporting data for your webpage version (unless you build that in), but your subscribers will see your customized page this way.


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