Linking to the content of an issue of our Constant Contact newsletter


Linking to the content of an issue of our Constant Contact newsletter

We are working on a mobile app for our church, and are tryign to find a way to use the content of each newsletter edition as a link within our app. So far, the only option that we have found is to open the Twitter link (Simple Share) within the email and extract the URL for the content ( Unfortuately, we are experiencing issues with inconsistencies in the width of that display. 


Because our mobile app is available to both iOS and Android platforms (phones and tablets) we are trying to deal with the plethora of screen sizes, and are trying to find a way to make the content available at full-screen width on each device. One thing we tried was embedding the short link into an HTML file and specify a width of 100%, and using the HTML file as our link within the app - but that has proven to be problematic and inconsistent, as well.


So our questions are these:


  1. Is anyone else doing anything similar with their Constant Contact content?
  2. Is there any other way to get at this newsletter content (besides extracting the short link from the Twitter social network share?
  3. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do what we are trying to do?

Hi there,


I responded to your email earlier, but this is so that others see my answer here, to summarize my brainstorming on this. Webpages don't render to emails well, since the widths and the html code that format the two are very different. You could take one of these approaches.


  • Scrape the code or text within the email from our webpage version, and re-format it into an email.
  • Make an image of the 600 pixel-wide email from the webpage, and display that image. Be sure to store the email as a fairly high-resolution image.
  • Wait for us to be able to give you the content from an email through our API. I'd estimate that we could have a solution to do this available in the next 6 months or so.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

Partner API Support Engineer

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