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List Deleted Email Campaigns

Occasional Advisor

List Deleted Email Campaigns

I'm try to get events for sent emails but can't seem to find all of the email campaigns in{user-name}/campaigns


I noticed that emails in the trash don't get returned.  Is that by design?  If so, is there another way to list emails in the trash?


Side note, if I have the ID of the deleted email campaign then I'm able to see it's details with{user-name}/campaigns/{campaign-id}

So I just need a way to find the IDs.

CTCT Employee

Re: List Deleted Email Campaigns



It is by design that emails in the trash folders aren't returned in a get of the email campaigns in the API.  I can submit this as feedback since you would like deleted campaigns to be listed.  If you move the campaigns from the trash folder and do a get, you can find them (and their ID's).  Did you want you integration to show campaigns by category, including deleted campaigns?


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

Occasional Advisor

Re: List Deleted Email Campaigns

Thanks Shannon.  It seems reasonable that deleted emails not be available but it would be nice to have.


If I were to request this ability I'd want one of the following options...

1) Return deleted campaigns with the rest in the campaigns collection but have a "Deleted" property set to true


2) Use a separate call to get deleted emails like...{user-name}/campaigns?Deleted=true


Re: List Deleted Email Campaigns

Thanks for the feedback Paul.  We're going to be releasing a new version of our API soon and, as part of that, we're looking at how we expose folder management for Email Campaigns in general, which would include the "Trash" folder.  Will definitely update the community once we have more information on this feature.  We won't likely launch with folder support but it is something we're hopeful to have support for shortly after launch.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact