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Lists member is never populated in Campaigns object

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Lists member is never populated in Campaigns object

I'm calling through the CC Wrapper API in .NET to retrieve all my existing Campaigns .  Using:

constantContact.GetCampaigns(dateGoesHere).    All of my existing Campaigns are present in the returned structure.  But each of the 'Lists' member of each Campaign is empty( = 'Nothing' in .NET). 

should I be executing some additional call for each Campaign to get its Lists member populated?   Or is this intended result?  Thanks in advance for any clarification:) 


Due to technical reasons, we are unable to currently provide the full set of Campaign data in the Campaigns collection.  What we provide is a subset of the overall data that we can provide without forcing the API call to take an excessive amount of time (seconds to minutes depending on the list of campaigns). 


In order to get the details on the Campaing, including lists, you would need to do a call to get the details of a specific campaign. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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thank you for the info.  much appreciated.


so, i get the Lists via multiple calls, and Add each List.id to a .NET list before attempting the following:


Dim actSrvc As New CTCT.Services.ActivityService

Dim actSrvcRsp As New CTCT.Components.Activities.Activity


actSrvcRsp =  actSrvc.AddRemoveContactsFromListsActivity(


, apiKey:=myAPIKey

, emailAddresses:=myEmailsList

, lists:=myListsList    )


myEmailsList has 23 items.  myListsList has 1 item.


This seems to execute ok. But i have seen no contacts removed from the list of contact lists i submit.  and when i check results later using GetActivty( idOfTheActivity ), it always showsErrorCount = 1 And Errors(0):   emailAddress = "";    lineNumber = 0;     message = "sameEmailEverytime@junk.com"


Can you see what i am doing wrong, or neglecting to do?   maybe i should have started a new thread on this(?), but i will give this a go first.  Thank you.







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