MS SQL Database Integration


MS SQL Database Integration



I am currently working with a compiled software package that makes use of a SQL database.  Right now, we have a manual process for identifying new contacts since the last export, then we export those to a csv file and then import them into CC.


I'd like to implement something in SQL, if possible because that code is readily accessible, to record new contacts or changes to email address.  The opt-outs can remain on the CC side of things, for the moment, because we only send marketing emails via CC.


Any thoughts?  This should be possible...I think :)


- Nick


Hi Nick,


I'm not sure exactly what others have done in the same situation, but I think you'll just want to run some SQL that's automated to grab new contacts on your end  (maybe do this on a nightly basis), and then use some non-sql code to send the new contacts to us.  We have wrappers available in .net (c#), php, ruby, and java, and they all have example signup forms, which could be modified to omit the form/visuals and simply send the email address into any list in the Constant Contact account.  Let us know if you have any follow questions!


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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