Manage Contacts from within MSSQL database.


Manage Contacts from within MSSQL database.

Has anyone implemented the CC API at the database level perhaps using CLR?


We have a third party business application who code is compiled and so there is no way to hook the "create/manage" customer functionality from within the software.


However, the DB that is used for the software is accessible.  From within the DB, we should be able to setup triggers that look for row insertion and row values including opt-in.  


Based upon the changes, new contacts can be created, added to lists, or removed, etc..


Thank you for your thoughts on this.


- Nick




While I don't have much recent experience with MSSQL, in theory it would be possible to call out to Constant Contact from a database hook. However, there would definitely not be an elegant method for doing this, as it's definitely stretching the limits of what arguably should be done on the SQL server.


In order to be able to use the Constant Contact API to add contacts, you would need to be able to make HTTP GET/PUT/POST requests with headers and an optional JSON body. If you can find a way to make these requests from within the database, then you could implement a create/update method for contacts in Constant Contact. One potential solution is to build the integration as an external library and use CLR to make calls to that library from SQL Server.


I'm not sure if I can help much further with the problem of how to make the API calls from the server, as this task goes a ways beyond anything that I've personally done with MSSQL. However, if you have any questions about our API or any issues that are specific to the API, please let me know!



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