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Mass unsubscribe from a list via API?

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Mass unsubscribe from a list via API?

I was chatting with support and the agent said there is no way to remove muliple contacts from a specific list via the api. Is this true?


We have a lead follow-up list and everytime someone purchases our service, we want to add them to an internal list and then batch unsubscribe them just from the follow up list via the api. Alternatively, we would unsubscribe each member via the api as an order is placed.


Is that possible?




You would have to remove them individually at less they were a complete list which you could delete the list and recreate.  Otherwise you would want to process the removal when you add them to your internal list.


Please let me know if that helps.

Ryan Davis
Quality Engineer

The API would also allow you to update each person one by one as they are completing whatever action on your website.  The update would let you completely change their list memberships: I.E. removing the lists you don't want them to be on and adding lists you want them to be on, all in a single API request.  This option would allow you to keep everything in sync real time and avoid any unwanted emails as the data in Constant Contact is always fresh.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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