Maximum number of contact lists per account?


Maximum number of contact lists per account?

I am currently at 1000 contact lists and can't create anymore. Is there anyway to raise this limitation besides deleting existing contact lists?


Please advise.


An account can have a maximum of 1000 contact lists. There is no way to change this limitation. If you are creating lists on a per campaign/email message basis, you should delete lists that you no longer need. If you need to have additional lists, you may need to have a second account to create and manage the additional lists above 1000.

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I'm using about 40 Lists but when I update/add lists to a contact with the Edit Contact screen, the dialogue [intermittently] displays only the 1st 25 or so Lists. When it does display the full range of lists, the Save button fails to update all of the selected lists against that contacts record. Can anyone assist me to update all of the lists applicable to each of my contacts ??


Hi Mark,


Is this when you're logged into your Constant Contact account that you're only seeing some lists? Could you include a screenshot here so that we can see what you mean?


Thanks in advance.


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I'm still having this problem with the list names that display at the bottom of the Manage Email Lists dialogue.  The dialogue works OK for the 1st or 2nd contact that I change the lists for, but then after the 2nd or 3rd contact that I've added, the available list is incomplete.  

The only work-around I've found is to Log Off and then Log in again, to change 1 or 2 contacts. This is very laborious and time consuming, because I'm in a remote area with very slow internet speeds. Incomplete list of ListsIncomplete list of Lists

Hello @MarkB98,


This could be related to a display issue when updating contacts from the website UI. In order to know for certain I highly encourage you to reach out to our main support at 866-289-2101. While I am familiar with our entire product, this section of the forum is specifically for our API and you will get better support with our main support department.

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