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Merging contact fields in the message

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Merging contact fields in the message

As we can use the property tags in the advanced editors , why there is no options like the front end UI as we can use $SUBSCRIBER.EMAIL$ , so why we can't use items like $SUBSCRIBER.EMAIL$ in the advanced editor instead the complex tags. pleas reply asap. 


Re: Merging contact fields in the message

Sorry for the frustration there.  Our custom code editor, the advanced editor, is a different version of our editing platform than our WYSIWYG one you used in the UI.  The advanced editor is actually an older editor that uses XML tags for merging data instead of variable replacement, which is what our WYSIWYG UI uses.  We are looking at making subscriber data inserting much easier in our next version of our custom code editor, but that is not anything that will be available in the near future.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Ok thanks for your reply but i have an case and need to know if you can help inthis , we have a custom links need to be added in the email and this links need to have some paramter from the contact detail as the following example$contat_email$

so how i can insert something like in the content as the editor already not acceipt the synatx becuase can't insert proprty tag in to email link

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Re: reply

<html lang="en" xml:lang="en" xmlns="" xmlns:cctd="">

<body><CopyRight>Copyright (c) 1996-2012 Constant Contact. All rights reserved. Except as permitted under a separate
written agreement with Constant Contact, neither the Constant Contact software, nor any content that appears on any Constant Contact site,
including but not limited to, web pages, newsletters, or templates may be reproduced, republished, repurposed, or distributed without the
prior written permission of Constant Contact. For inquiries regarding reproduction or distribution of any Constant Contact material, please
<!-- Do NOT delete previous line if you want to get statistics on the number of opened emails -->

<a href=”$Account.SiteURL” class=”ContactInfoLink”>$Account.SiteURL</a>

<a href=”$Subscriber.Email” class=”ContactInfoLink”>$Subscriber.Email</a>




Why this messages return error in the editor ?

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Re: reply



To make this work, you would need to use custom fields to pull in your desired HTML:


<Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText2"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText3"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText4"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText5"/><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText6"/>


You would be putting <a href =" in the first custom field, <Property name="Subscriber.Email"/> in the second,  "> in the fourth, <Property name="Subscriber.Email"/> in the fifth (assuming you want the link text to also read as the email address), and </a> in the sixth custom field.


Sorry that it's so convoluted.  You basically need to construct the HTML that you want to use, put it into custom fields, and then call those custom fields in your code.  If you just wanted to print the email address to the screen, you would just use this as your code:


<Property name="Subscriber.Email"/>


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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Re: reply

Are you positive this is the only way to do this?


I've had stellar results using simply "$SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOM.MY_FIELD_NAME" for merging nearly anything, even the following for an embedded image:




So, that's all great.


However, when actually trying to make a clickable link, the link clicks to a literal location of "http://$subscriber.custom.my_link_url". The merge fails, and the literal value of the variable is used.


Re: reply

We have an updated guide using our new $ variable notation that shows how to create dynamic links and dynamic images.  This has working a working HTML example which we've tested.  You can find this guide here in our API documentation:

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Re: reply

Hi Dave:

Followed the link and tried merging the fields into a URL and it is still not working.  Am I missing something?

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Re: reply



Is it possible for you provide a snippet of HTML showing how you're merging fields into a URL? If there is something incorrect about the formatting, I should be able to provide some assistance quickly!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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