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Missing Response Data ?

Solution Provider

Missing Response Data ?

Greetings Dev Team!


As always, thanks in advance for your awesome and quick response to my issue!


I am using the PHP Wrappers for OAuth2 and it seems that when I search for a user, it doesn't return ANY data.


{$search = $ConstantContact->searchContactsByEmail($email)}

Contact Object
    [link] => /ws/customers/{ccusername}/contacts/###
    [id] =>{ccusername}/contacts/###
    [updated] => 2012-10-31T23:53:20.923Z
    [status] => Active
    [emailAddress] => {testemail}
    [emailType] => HTML
    [firstName] => 
    [middleName] => 
    [lastName] => 
    [fullName] => 
    [jobTitle] => 
    [companyName] => 
    [homePhone] => 
    [workPhone] => 
    [addr1] => 
    [addr2] => 
    [addr3] => 
    [city] => 
    [stateCode] => 
    [stateName] => 
    [countryCode] => 
    [countryName] => 
    [postalCode] => 
    [subPostalCode] => 
    [notes] => 
    [customField1] => 
    [customField2] => 
    [customField3] => 
    [customField4] => 
    [customField5] => 
    [customField6] => 
    [customField7] => 
    [customField8] => 
    [customField9] => 
    [customField10] => 
    [customField11] => 
    [customField12] => 
    [customField13] => 
    [customField14] => 
    [customField15] => 
    [contactLists] => 
    [confirmed] => 
    [optInSource] => ACTION_BY_CONTACT
    [lists] => Array


I am assuming when performing the search, that the results should pull ALL user data from CC so that I can parse in order to send that same data back (?)


I read somewhere that if you send blank or missing values, the original data will be lost.


Anyways, your help is GREATLY appreciated!

"I'd love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code."

Bob Brock
Owner / Lead Developer, River Media

Re: Missing Response Data ?

Thanks BobB692,


Unfortunately, that method does only supply some data nodes and we require you to then use the method getContactDetails to obtain the complete Contact object.


I understand this two step process is a little tedious and unnecessary in most cases and we are working to improve this functionality in our next version of the API.


Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


Andrew Weber
Associate Product Manager for EventSpot
Solution Provider

Re: Missing Response Data ?

Ah, figured as much.

I had that thought in the middle of my post, but decided to go ahead and ask anyways.


Thanks for the speedy feedback!

"I'd love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code."

Bob Brock
Owner / Lead Developer, River Media
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