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Missing the Upload to Constant Contact button on my sf.com/CC app,


Missing the Upload to Constant Contact button on my sf.com/CC app,

We have professional level sf.com and I uploaded the CC app V2 that the tech recommended.  Went very smoothly until I went to play with uploading contacts.  According to the webcast tutorial, there should be three buttons:  New Contact, Add to Campaign, and Upload to Constant Contact.  My version downloaded with everything but that last button which is the most critical one in order to get the information back and forth between sf.com and CC.  I spoke to my tech person on the phone about this and she said I had to bring this up in this forum.  Can anyone help me?


I am only the sf.com administrator, we do not have high level techies involved in sf.com so VisualForce, and highly technical language will be lost on me, sorry.



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I forwarded your email onto our Tier 2 team, which troubleshoots issues with our Salesforce integration. Please let us know if you don't hear from them by Monday.


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