Mobile Phone in Dynamic Link


Mobile Phone in Dynamic Link

I used this article to create a dynamic link in our welcome email:


The link works great, except I cannot get it to pass the mobile phone number field from the subscriber.


I am able to pass home phone like this:$SUBSCRIBER.HOMEPHONENUMBER$


I am trying to pass mobile phone like this:$SUBSCRIBER.HOMEPHONENUMBER$&Mobile=$SUBSCRIBER.MOBILEPHONENUMBER$


When the test email comes through, I get this result:$SUBSCRIBER.MOBILEPHONENUMBER.URLENCODED$


I checked, and subscriber record has the mobile phone saved correctly.  It just will not pass to the dynamic link.


Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!




While the mobile phone number is a field that can be imported it is not a field that has a built in contact details name. This seems like it may have been an oversight to me and I've brought this to the attention of our developers.


I did verify that there is a Subscriber.WorkPhoneNumber field that can be used, or you can create a custom field which you might use a name such as "mobile" and that would look like Subscriber.Custom.Mobile. When creating a custom field do not use the exact name of a field that Constant Contact uses already, so do not name your field "mobile phone" or "mobile phone number". You can find info on how to create a custom field here.

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