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Moved hosts, PHP form died


Moved hosts, PHP form died

We recently switched to a new web server and our signup PHP form has stopped working.  I have verified the code is the same on both servers and even stripped down the example form and tested at both the new address and the old IP.  The new server is giving me a couldn't connect to host error after a long delay.  Both machines are PHP5 and have cURL installed. 


My stripped down example page that is working on the old server, but not this server-




Thanks for any assistance,







Hi Rob,


It would be worth checking with the company hosting the site (if it's external to you) to make sure there isn't a reason on their end that this is happening.  


Something may be different from one environment to another that could be causing this, but if the only difference you see is the originating IP address, you can email webservices@constantcontact.com for us to make sure that we're not blocking traffic from your new IP [range].  This happens sometimes if you are using an IP that got a bad reputation from a previous user.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

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