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My integration stopped working works for old users but not for new users


My integration stopped working works for old users but not for new users

I wrote an integration that works for old users, people that have had constant contact for a long time and even for people who just signed up for constant contact within the last two weeks but people who just signed up for it today I'm having issues.


My integration doesn't show any errors and acts like it uploaded the builk 2.0 version of the api. I know the api key and the tokens are correct since it creates a new list. This is only affecting people that seem to have a new verison of the constant contact website (it looks diffrent from my old account one) 


So I know it's not my code since it still works with people with the old looking screens it's the new people only.


Is there some problem with the new constant contact website with api 2.0 builk import. My code didn't change and those that have the old site it works on.


Any information is grately appreacitated since I have new people that need to integrate with you but can't. Again my code on the new accounts show no errors at all. At first I thought it was a delay showing up on their sites but I had them wait an hour and still the import didn't show.


We are not aware of any issues with bulk imports with the new Contact interface you're referring to.  We have been in the process of rolling this out slowly over the past few months and recently starting allowing some trialers and new customers to take advantage of this new product. 


We can definitely look into this more though.  Can you either Private Message me some usernames or access_tokens so I can look into what is going on or email them to our support staff (webservices@constantcontact.com).  Thanks in advance!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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