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My list was exported


My list was exported

i have a wordpress constant contact API plugin- does it have the ability or capability to automatically export my lists  and if so, why? because I saw my entire list was exported last week and was worried aout hackers- thanks




I found your account and noticed that there was definitely a bulk export of all your active contacts recently.  If you, or someone you have authorized to access the account did not initiate this export, you may wish to change your login credentials in case your account was compromised.  Please note that doing so may require you to update your login credentials in any plugins or applications you use to access your account information, or these may attempt to login and cause your account to become locked after you have changed your credentials.


There are third-party plugins to integrate Wordpress sites with customer Constant Contact accounts, but these are not Constant Contact products, and are supported by their developers. For information on whether your plugin is capable of creating bulk export activities, which I cannot completely rule out without knowing more about the plugin you're using, you will need to contact the developer of the plugin or widget for an answer to this question. 


I hope this helps you to swift answer.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer

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I'm sorry I missed responding to this earlier. Those plugins are both developed by a third party (Katz Web Services), and we do not have access to their programming code to see what types of API requests they use to access your account lists. You should contact the developer directly to inquire about whether their plugin performs bulk exports from your constant contact account for list management purposes, as it's possible this explains the export activity on your account.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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