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.NET SDK Response StatusCode issues

Occasional Advisor

.NET SDK Response StatusCode issues

I downloaded the .NET SDK from GitHub on 10/17 (and this morning as well... and discovered that the CTCTWrapper is not handling response.StatusCode properly in the RestClient.cs HttpRequest method.  It is looking for a 200 StatusCode as success; however, there are quite a few methods (most if not all of the Create methods) that have other status codes that indicate success (201 for Creates and 204 for some deletes as examples).


I've fixed my solution to account for these and I'm willing to share my corrections with others.  Is there someone I can pass my updates to?  Or is the link that I used incorrect for the v2 service contract?


I also added the is_permission_reminder_enabled field to the EmailCampaign.cs file because I found that was missing.


Thanks for your help.

Honored Contributor

Re: .NET SDK Response StatusCode issues

Hi Karl,


We recently updated the SDK with the status code fixes, but we are definitely interested in any other bugs that you have found and corrected. The best way to submit changes is to fork our repository on Github, make the changes in your fork of the repository, and then submit a pull request back to the Constant Contact repository. This method allows us to easily see what has changed and quickly test changes so that they can be merged into the existing code.


If you have any problems doing this, please let us know!



Elijah G.
API Support Engineer