Need a Better Testing Environment


Need a Better Testing Environment

I have an email campaign for a client where there are about 10 different variable fields I have to map from the spreadsheet I upload.  Now, my client wants to see test emails from 12 records on that database - they all get send to the client's email address (one address).


So, even if I upload 12 different databases, map the fileds and submit, each time it opverwrites the profile for that email address.  What I had to do was upload one record, schedule the email, wait for the mail to be sent, go back and delete the existing database, upload a new one, make a copy of the email, schedule it again.  And so on and so on for 12 times.


That took something like three hours for what would normally be a five minute operation.  There has to be a better way.  CC has to have a test environment that allows for multiple records for a profile, or multiple profiles for an email address.  As is, this is mess.


Not sure if I completly understand your delima, but perhaps if this is your issue...


Typically an email provider/host will allow you to create a bucket account; where all sub email account messages are delivered to the one account, not quite the same as a redirect.


So, main bucket account: (it's a small company, where the president does support)


Any mail sent to all of the above addresses are delivered at the provider/host into the one KingPresident account.,



I understand what you are saying, but that is not the issue.  I have to send 12 test emails, all going to an address like

The merge capabilities of the email campaign are designed to work exactly like you're mentioning.  They will pull in the data from the fields at the time of the email send, not at the time of the scheduling.  This is to ensure that at send time, we always use the most updated data for the clients being sent (which in general is the desired behavior of our customers).


I definitely understand the scenario you're describing and I can see how this would be less than ideal for you.  Unfortunately, we do not have an alternative to this at this time.  The only option would be to use different fields for each mailing so that you can upload more data at once. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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