Need for WordPress Integration

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Need for WordPress Integration

Why doesn't Constant Contact have their own plugin for WordPress?  


Has Constant Contact ever surveyed their customer base to find out how many of their customers are using WordPress?


AWeber and MailChimp are very active in creating sign up forms (Newsletter Signup) that can be used with WordPress, so all the email sign ups go directly to their programs (AWeber and MailChimp).


It is difficult to understand why Constant Contact doesn't provide a "Newsletter Signup Form" (that we can customize, would be nice) and add all the email addresses to our Constant Contact account.


Please advise how we should handle this situation.




Mt Shasta Design






There is definitely an awareness of how many of our customers are using the Wordpress platform, and we do have some work in its early stages that should help to alleviate the current challenges with connecting your Wordpress sites with Constant Contact. I currently do not have a specific timeline for when changes can be expected, but I am hopeful that we will have something available in the first half of 2015.


In the immediate short term, there is a plugin available that does provide a function for designing and embedding forms in wordpress websites. You can find information about this plugin here:


If there is any more information that I can provide, please let me know!



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I agree, I urge my clients to use a different product to constant contact because it takes me so long and with so much testing to make it work.

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