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Need for sign up form to be opened in a separate page


Need for sign up form to be opened in a separate page

Our site has a sign-in box that people use to sign up to be on our email list.  I've gotten the code through constant contact, and it is working smoothly.

My issue, however, is that once they put in their email address and select "go", it takes them away from my page.  I would like for them to still have my site up so that after they sign up to be on my list, they will still be on my website. 

Is there anything I can add to the current html code that constant contact generates that will take them to a completely new page to complete their sign in and keep the page of my website on their screen? 

I am limited in my skills of html - for my website, all i have to do is cut the html code that constant contact generates and paste it into a box on the back end of my wordpress site.  It would be excellent if someone had some code that I could simply add into the auto generated constant contact code to make this happen.

Thanks in advance for your help!



The HTML that we generate for the Join My Mailing List form does take you out of your site because that form is on our site. We do give the ability to create a custom sign up form; however, it does require some advanced knowledge in HTML and also a scripting language such as PHP or ASP.net.

We do have a Custom Signup Form generator that does not require much knowledge in a scripting language, and also generates HTML that you can just copy and paste into your current HTML. However, it does require you to have PHP set up on the server that you are hosting your website on. If you do already have the ability to use PHP on your site, you may want to check it out here.

The Custom signup form will allow you to have a signup box directly on your site and will not take your customer to ours at any point. If you are interested in using this and have any questions, please let me know.


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