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Need signup form code, not form link.


Need signup form code, not form link.



I am developing an application where visitor with authenticate his personal account with their username and password. 

Then i am going to generate a dynamic CC embed code which will be some thing like this 


<form action="some url" method="post">


<input type="email" name="EMAIL" class="required email">

<input type="text" name="NAME" class="required email">




its only giving me a link like 


how to get llr= 4edwwxmab&p and m=1113192074399 


on the other hand this link finally producing a different link like 


how to get this? 001-T5MhJhzWAGY2i47SqaC2A%3D%3D 

my gole is to produce something like an embade code with an full action url. And how to generate this url? 












Our hosted signup forms do not allow for this level of customization.  We do offer an open API, which these forums provide support for, that would allow you to build your own customized signup form.  We have samples available in most popular programming languages as well as detailed documentation available to help get you started.  If you aren't a developer, we also have developers available for hire that can help provide you with a custom signup form experience. 

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