Need signup verification to avoid bots signing up


Need signup verification to avoid bots signing up

We would really like ot have a "captcha" option for newsletter signups to weed out the bots. We are finding signups from non-humans that are getting into our contacts. Any ideas or plans for this problem?



Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact.

Our standard signup forms will display a captcha if there are 50 signups in a 24-hour period. Forms that use our embed code do not have a way to utilize a captcha natively, as it may require additional setup on the website on which you are hosting the code. You can find a link to our standard signup form on the signup tools page in your account. When clicking on the actions dropdown for a signup form, choose the Form URL option.

Something else that you may consider using on your account is confirmed opt-in. Below is a link to details about this feature, but essentially it will place contacts who sign up into an Awaiting Confirmation status until they click on a link in a confirmation email that gets sent to them upon using a signup form.

Details about Confirmed Opt-in:

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

David B.
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When you say "Our standard signup forms" what forms is this in reference to?



This is in reference to any other version of a signup form from your account. Essentially any option other than "Embed the Form in a Website." See this link for details on the other options:


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