Need to integrate version 3 API with .Net SDK


Need to integrate version 3 API with .Net SDK


We wanted add contact to CC library from our Dot Net Application using V3 API.

We follow below link to integrate V2 API using Dot Net sdk


but we are not finding any solution to integrate V3 API in Dot Net.


Can please help!


if you are looking for something analogous to the .NET CTCTWrapper that was available for CC V2, there is no such thing.  You will have to roll your own.    


Hello @PaulaW79,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


As mentioned by another user here we are currently not creating any SDKs while we finish developing our v3 API. Once we have completed the v3 API we will look in to the possibility of SDKs, but we have not made any decisions yet.

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