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.Net Lib - How do find and update an existing contact

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.Net Lib - How do find and update an existing contact


Can you tell me how I find and update an existing contact using the .Net Lib?

How can delete a contact. so it can be re-added with out getting the 'CONFLICT' error.

thanks again for help



In order to search for a contact you would need to:

1. Search for a Contact by Email Address

2. Obtaining a Contact's Detailed Information

3. Updating a Contact's information

//Search for Email Address

List<string> emails = new List<string>().Add(;

string nextChunkId;

IList<Contact> searchContacts = Utility.SearchContactByEmail(authdata, emails, out nextChunkId);

//Get the first found contacts 'Details'

Contact c = Utility.GetContactDetailsById(authdata, searchContacts.Id);

//Update the found contact

c.FirstName = "John";

Utility.UpdateContactFullForm(authdata, c);


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