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No email support anymore?


No email support anymore?

I guess I haven't asked for help for a while. I had a question about the Jquery sign up form at and the post said not to expect support in the post comments but to email Yet when I do that I get an autoreply email telling me to head back to the help center. You got me all mixed up!


Anyway, in case other users or CC staff can help me here, this the question I tried to send in email:


I thought I had this figured out


But then today I wanted to do it for a different list on a different page, and went back through the instructions from scratch, just to be sure I really still understood it.


The code I used on this form still seems to be working, but today, when I started over, grabbed our ca value again from the standard embed code, it showed a different value for ca. Is that possible? I don’t understand how it could change and still work – is it unique AND randomized or something somehow?


Value I used last month  [deleted for forums, long-ass value]

New value I saw in embed code today  [deleted for forums a different  long-ass value]


Thanks for explaining.







Re: No email support anymore?

Hello @amyloo,


Our main support no longer has email support. You can of course use these forums, or you can log in to your Constant Contact account and mouse over the question mark icon in the upper right then click on the Contact Us link. There you will see our phone number and be able to open a chat window with support.


To answer your question regarding the ca number. Each sign-up form has its own ca number; this is to allow us to internally differentiate which sign-up form was used by a contact. If you were creating a new sign-up form then it would indeed have a different ca number than the last form you created.


If you have further questions feel free to reply here or give us a call or chat.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer

Re: No email support anymore?

That helps. Thanks, Jimmy.